Stop doubting and start Doing

Hey ladies & Gents

2014 has been a rough year but I’m grateful for the things and situations I went through. Those situations actually opened up my eyes. In 2014 I opened up my business and it went great. It didn’t go as I would like it but you better believe it’s game time in 2015.

Stay at home < Back to work

In 2014 I was still trying to balance the life as a mother, Wife, Business owner. I was bored …. To wake up to four walls everyday was killing me on the inside. Staying home is not my cup of tea. Being a stay at home mom and wife has come to an end. In Jan. I will be going back to work. And that my friend, I am super excited about . Kudos for the mommies and wives that stay home and love it. I tried to love it but I don’t ( can I just be real). I love interacting with other people and I love to WORK !!!! You guys are probably asking how will I manage my business? Well I plan to manage all emails and process orders at night. And since my sister is living with me she can help me pack orders and I’ll drop them off at lunch time. It’s all planed out now let’s see how it goes .

In 2015 I plan to blog a lot much more . When I blog I feel this accomplishment . I love being able to be so transparent to my readers. It allows me to be myself . This year I want to encourage you to take what your passionate about and bring it to life !!!! Do what you love . It makes life a lot more easier and fun ❤️. Where there’s a “BUT” there’s a “DOUBT” – Marthe Belizaire

Happy New Year !!!!




Growing up I was always set on becoming a Lawyer. I really wanted to make my parents proud and as some might have quickly made the connection, a career in Law (among very few others) is the epitome of an ideal profession within my culture; Sure way to make my people proud.
Determined to make this dream come true, I sought to do all the right things: I joined the debate team at school and watched all the crime and justice shows you can think of. In an even further attempt, after high school, I began my upper level education pursuing Criminal Justice. Destined to make it, right? Well, it didn’t take too long after for me to realize that something was wrong. Truth is, I felt empty.
 It was at that moment I realized that all along, I hadn’t been doing any of it for myself. Rather, I had been doing it to appease my parents’ cravings to see me thrive in what they viewed as an ideal branch of success. Good gesture. Empty Marthe. So there I finally decided to call it quits.
 I got married at the age of 20 and just one year later, my husband and I had our first child. Though a wife and a full time mom to my infant daughter, I was eager to make a difference. Cleary, having not fallen far from my former endeavors, I decided that I wanted to become a cop. My husband, however, held contrary feelings toward the idea as a whole.
 It didn’t end there. Many were my dreams and goals and just as many were my disappointments through every attempt. Before I knew it, I began drowning in waves of depression. And as though I hadn’t accomplished anything noteworthy in my entire life, I began to see myself as a complete failure. The currents within my circumstance pushed and tugged at my self-esteem and landed me in a state of mind where I began believing that my life had no purpose or true meaning. I felt as though I was—just living.

Jealousy began to saturate my heart as I watched some of my friends and family members accomplish their goals and dreams while I was stuck in between infinite rocks and infinite hard places. Life seemed so unfair to me. I became my worst enemy. 

In 2012, while residing in South Florida, I attended the Daughters of Zion Conference; a women’s conference at God Changing Life Ministries, the church where I’d been serving. During that time, my spirit felt weak. And in both a physical and nonphysical sense, I was tired. I pleaded to God to bring me a specific Word throughout the conference to show me that He had a purpose and plan for my life. 

During the nightly services, the message was brought by an amazing woman of God, Pastor Joelle Meristal, who had traveled from Philadelphia to South Florida to serve as our guest speaker. The conference also consisted of workshops, a breakfast, women’s fellowship and all of which was outstanding!
As the conference advanced from night to night, I persisted in asking God to bring me a Word, saying, “Whatever Word you have for me, I will work at it and never give up!” 

During the final night of the conference, the power of the Holy Spirit began moving heavily and working through Pastor Meristal as many women were being liberated from past hurts and healed from consequent pain. Near the end of service that night, as the power of God continued to manifest, Pastor Meristal called both my husband and I toward the altar.
It was in that moment that God used her to bring forth the very Word that I was looking for. A word that completed dominated over every discouraging and hurtful view that I had of myself. She prophesied over me and specifically told me that I would own a boutique selling women’s clothing and that I would also carry handbags and shoes. This prophecy was very detailed! She even mentioned the location at which this would all occur.
My heart began overflowing of joy, happiness, and peace knowing that God truly did have a plan for me and that I was far from a failure! This experience was one that I will never forget as I could finally able to see one of the custom designed plans that God had prearranged for me. God is good!!!

Upon all of this happening, I began digging through scriptures that helped me to truly understand that God has a plan for every, single one of His Children. All He requires is that we keep our focus on Him, be patient, and remain humble.
May these verses serve as an encouragement to you, too! 

** “Submit to God and be at peace with him; in this way prosperity will come to you.” (Job 22:21 NIV)

** “For we live by faith, not by sight.” (2 Corinthians 5:7 NIV)

** “What I feared has come upon me; what I dreaded has happened to me.” (Job 3:25 NIV) – (This verse in particular speaks volumes. If you dwell in fear that you won’t be successful, you won’t be successful! If you dwell in the fear of sickness, sickness will overtake you!) 

** “My goal is that they may be encouraged in heart and united in love, so that they may have the full riches of complete understanding, in order that they may know the mystery of God, namely, Christ, in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.” (Colossians 2:2-3 NIV)

Things to remember:  
 God had NOT forgotten you
Be still! Let go and let God
        Rushing can lead to disasters
            We are ALL God’s masterpieces

This experience was one that I will never forget as I was finally able to see one of the custom designed plans God had prearranged for me.

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Walking Into My Destiny

Hey beauties !!

It’s been forever since I post . Today I decided to let you know what’s new with me . First of all I would like to thank God for giving me such great opportunities . I’m a go getter anyone that knows me knows that I don’t just lay around and do nothing I’m always thinking and looking for ways to inspire and motivate !

A year ago I attended a woman’s conference . At the time I just started a handmade jewelry business . I made cute button earrings (I still do for those that contact and request customs) . My homemade jewelry business was called “BellaModesty”. So back to the conference our guest speaker at the time was Pastor Jolie. I’m not sure if I’m spelling her name right . She supported my business by purchasing more than a few items . I was completely sold out from the conference . I was so shocked And exited . So the final day of the conference I was praying silently in my heart for God to give my a word . As she began to prophesy over young women and man . We were the last that she called up from the sanctuary (we= meaning my husband and I) I was shaken up because I just got done praying asking God for a word . And here I was about to hear what God had for me .

She said ” You are bless and you have a creative mind . You will have a boutique and you will not be only selling jewelry you will be selling clothing , bags you will also add little notes into your merchandise to encourage women . Your boutique will be here I’m las o las (ft lauderdale Fl ) she said more but those words stuck out to me the most ! Oh I almost forgot she also said that my daughter will be a great big sister . Well before we knew it I was pregnant with our son Joshua. She also had a word for my husband . That night completely blew my mind . I began to ask myself where will I find that money ?! How will I start this business . So I had to take a break from making jewelry because of the harsh chemicals (pregnancy) . After my son was born I started “bellameals ” quick and easy healthy recipes and it was and still is going well . Some how I still felt empty inside . I loved doing it but I felt like this is not what I’m really destined to do .

So I started bellapv31 . “Beautiful Proverbs31” I started it with making earrings and shirts and cellphone case. Again I felt that it wasn’t the move for me at the moment. So I had a huge sale and closed down the online store . Thank you everyone that supported and purchased a shirt !

As I was sitting in my living room and I heard a voice saying ” You know exactly what you need to do ” Guys I must admit that word that was prophesy over me a little over a year ago I was afraid to put it into action . I didn’t know where to start . So the money I invested in the shirts went into opening up the boutique. Now as of today Beautifully Modest Boutique will be open soon . I finally feel at peace . I’m so happy in my heart I feel so much joy . When you are walking in your destiny you feel a complete joy and peace in your heart .

If you have a dream ask God for conformation ask him to give you a word or a sign . My stubbornness made me waste money , time and energy that could have been spent on my boutique .