Drug Store Junkie 

When it comes to make up I like to keep it simple and my pockets happy . I love make up but it can be quiet expensive. I’m pretty certain that’s the reason why all of my make up are drug store make up . I don’t own high end make up except my Mac concealer that I purchased 3 years ago . You can look fabulous with out breaking the bank . Listed below  are the items I can’t go without . I pretty much use these items daily. 

  1. Foundation : Revlon 24 hr color stay 
  2. Concealer : Mac nw45 , LA pro girl concealer HD “Chestnut” 
  3. Lips : Nyx butter gloss “tiramisu” 
  4. Brows : elf brow kit “dark” 
  5. Setting pray : elf 
  6. Mascara : ulta curl mascara 

After years of trying products,  drug store products makes my pocket happy ! I can’t begin to tell you how expensive make up can be . But then again if your reading this you already have an idea . I hope these products help you in some way . 

Well till next time loves 💋


Night & Day

Hey beauties I’m back with a new look . This look can be either work or party look. I honestly love both looks . But the pink lip look has my heart. I would wear my nude lips look to church or work . Pink for a hot date with hubby . I woke up this morning and did my Saturday chores (bathroom,dusting,vacuuming etc) and prepped my chicken for baking (recipe coming soon) so now I was bored . I wanted to play with Make up. I don’t really like green but I decided to go ahead and try it . I grabbed my bh cosmetic pallet and started testing some colors out. I Dabbed my brush In some water to get that nice green color. Listed bellow are some items I used to get this look . This was my first time using this foundation (listed below) and I love it !! It is light weight and goes well with my skin tone. Alright beauties have a lovely Weekend !!

Products I used :

Primer: Smash box photo fix
Foundation : Fit Me 360 20L700 Moca
( maybelline)
Concelear: L.A pro HD (chestnut) under my eyes
Eyeshadow : bh cosmetic pallet (green)
Lip liner : 070 enchantment (rimmel London)
Lipstick : Berry Me 442 (nyc expert last) first look
Lipgloss: Bowery Blush 578 (nyc liquid lipshine)
Lip stick : Cafe 301 (nyc ultra moist lip wear)
Lipgloss: honey on The Hudson 585 (nyc liquid lipshine)
Eyelashes: E.L.F
Blush : nyx rouge cream blush
Highlighter: pin up 126 (hard candy)
Brushes : Bh cosmetics brush sets


Merry Christmas

Thank you to all my subscribers / followers . As you unwrap all your gifts . I want you to take the time out and truly be thankful . There is a lot of families that are not able to celebrate with families like you are today . I am thankful for my family and the air that I breath daily , I get another chance to raise my children.

Let’s not forget that Christ is the reason for the season not presents or Santa clause. Christ is !

What are your Christmas traditions ?! Ours is wake up enjoy family breakfast . Unwrap gifts . And watch Christmas movies all day as I’m in the kitchen preparing Sunday dinner .

I have so much to be so thankful for . Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.


Purple Passion

Hey ladies lately I’ve been getting myself into make up . I mean I’ve always loved make up but I mean I really love love it now . YouTube has been my place to Brush my skills and learn new techniques. I had the honor to be my best friend maid of honor this past weekend . The wedding was absolutely beautiful . Of course she asked my to do everyone make up . Including herself . Let’s just say hats down to all the professional make up artist . The hours of standing is CRAZY . I was bummed after the wedding all I wanted was a hot bath and shower .

My favorite new technique is highlighting under the eye . (Concealing) and if you read my pervious post you’ll see that my favorite concealer is the L.A pro high definition concealer . And my second fav is Mac .

Another technique is BLENDING !!!!!! Oh this part is so important I mean very important ! If you want flawless make up blending is like the number one rule and of course you must have good brushes to achieve this technique .

Ladies I’m no make up artist but I’m learning as I go . Basically I’m self taught . This look I’ve created has gotten so many raves on my social media ( thinking about creating a YouTube channel soon) I love this look. I’ve finally gotten the steps for blending four colors .

Products I use for this look :

Foundation : Maybelline dream liquid mousse air brush finish cocoa dark #3
Brows : e.l.f eyebrow kit (dark)
Eyes : costalscents pallet , dollar store pallet ( good stuff ) eyeliner by e.l.f
Lashes : e.l.f natural
Blush : nyx rouge cream blush
Lips: L.A colors berry ice (my favorite lippe) and only 1$ !!!!!!


Beauty Staple

Lately make up has become so easy for me to apply . A clean and smooth face helps ! I’ve came across “African black soap” and my experience has been pleasant . This soap has a mixture of organic ingredients . My face has naturally started to glow and dark spots started to fade . I mean it’s a Miracle soap . My hubby even started using it and he absolutely loves it !

As a mother, wife and business owner I pretty much look tired a lot . And concealer has been a staple for me . I’ve had my shares with cancelers but my top is the L.A pro concealer . It blends so well with my skin I apply it under my eyes middle of my forehead , nose and chin . And I BLEND !!!

I hardy wear make up but when I do I must have concealer . I love it cause it light .

I’ve had many issues with my face because of stress and I find that drinking plenty of water and African black soap helps a lot !! I hope you find this helpful . I know I didn’t write a long paragraph but I hope it helps .



My Break is OVER From Social Media


Hey beauties I am back .

Some of you have notice I have taken a week and some days off my personal instagram page  . I also have a business instagram which is bellameals . By the way stop by and take a look . Anyway back to what I was saying . My break was well needed . I really got a chance to focus on whats important  which for me is my relationship with Christ , family and bellameals . I really felt convicted I spent too much time on the social media too much going on . I was really beginning to be distracted .  So I took some time off . In all honesty I didn’t miss it one bit . I felt free , I mean I didn’t feel the need to look at  my instagram or Facebook . BTW I deactivated my personal Facebook and this time im taking a longer break then usual from it . Facebook has turn into an adult page (sin Network lol ) nothing but horrible pics etc. I went on a unfried rampage , but for some reason you can see what your friends like (and sometimes it’s not so pretty) . Lets just say I have less friends than what I started with smh … But that another story in it self .

I had a chance to experience my relationship with God on another level .. How ? Well I wasnt so busy that for one . Although im a mother of two and a wife I still had some time . So I began to have some one on one with God . I had some personal issues that I wanted to hand over to him . I found myself being easily stressed . Like everything and anyone could stress me out and I needed some answers. With that being said I went to service last night and man God spoke to me . I mean he spoke to like how your father would speak to you and you felt so horrible afterward like you knew you could  and should do  better . well yes last night was one of those nights. I was CONVICTED  . Let me ask you this have you ever wondered why your plan is not moving forward or  an idea or a project you came out with ?  ok another question did  you consult God about your project or idea before you rushed out and put it out ? well I have one answer it simply not in Gods plan or it’s not the right time . So patience is the key and continue to pray and seek God for answers .

Although I say im back but I wont be on my personal  page as much I will be blogging more and cooking visit bellameals that’s where you’ll catch me lol . Also my cooking channel . Gotta Stay focused .

Alrighty Beauties till next time “Smooches’ God Bless

Happy Early Mothers Day !!!

What Helped Improve My Marriage


We often look at other marriages and say ”man I wish I had a marriage like that’. Or a famous line ” I wish my husband was like him” . Well let’s just say the grass is not greener on the other side . Lets face it marriage is not always lovey dovey . Marriage is HARD work only the strong will survive . Or it will eat you alive . As a married women going on 4 years I can truly say marriage has it sucks days ! We courted for 6 months and we married 6 months later . We all know how in the beginning of a relationship how it can be so exciting and all you want to do is stay up and have long conversations and text all day . I know all of you guys can relate right? Well I will list 5 tips that will help encourage your marriage . Dont give up on your spouse . Instead pray and seek God cause he has all the answers .

1. Put God In the Mist . A lot of marriage are failing because they FAIL to put God in the center. We often think that we have the answers to everything but in reality we do not . Heres some scriptures that will help encourage you when you are looking for strength to press froward .

Exudos 15:2

The LORD is my strength and my song; he has become my salvation. He is my God, and I will praise him, my father’s God, and I will exalt him.

Isaiah 41:10

So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

These scriputers has really helped encourage and let me know Im not in control and leave it up to God . We also need to know we are not perfect , and that we are from different backgrounds and are raised differently . Remember dont pray to God to change your spouse pray that God can change you to be a better wife/husband to your spouse . Pray together . Have you ever heared of the quote a “a couple that prays together stays together” well this is actually true . Praying together will not give the enemy any room to come in between your marriage . It maybe negative thoughts , harmful response etc . Start praying together it is promised you will see a difference .

2. Respect . As the eldest of my siblings I held great responsibility . It wasnt till I got married that I realized I couldn’t put on the role of leadership . God created our husbands to lead and we must let them . It may seem like their leadership skills may be a little iffy but that’s when we have to learn to trust in God . Remember you did trust him to be your husband so trust him to lead . Respect him as man. Do not belittle him encourage him instead .

Ephians 5:33

However, each one of you also must love his wife as he loves himself, and the wife must respect her husband.

So ladies sometimes are hubbies may seem to not make the best decisions even when it may not look to Good . We can give our opinion and suggestion but refrain from always doing so . God has place the leadership role to our husbands so let them LEAD.

3. Communication Is a big part of marriage . And its a skill that we must have instilled in marriage. “communication is the key” well it is we can’t expect our spouse to understand everything if we don’t communicate it to him/her. I use to get upset with my husband because I thought I shouldnt have to tell him everything and he should automatically know why I’m upset . well honey you have communicate whats bothering you or what you would like some improvement on. Letting our spouse know how your feeling and whats bothering you will let him know how you feel and what they need to adjust and improve on.

4. Intimacy The fun stuff hehe. No I am not just talking about sex. Intimacy is beyond sex to me . Holding hands, cuddling , a walk in the park, showing affection . Writing love notes , Texting.” which is our thing “. Me and my husband text a lot I think its because he works the night-shift. Although sex is great in marriage . We need to learn other ways of being intimate . Learn what your spouse like. Suprise them with thier favorite CD, dessert etc . Be thoughtful .

5. Be considerate. My husband work the night shift and im a stay at home mom . And being considerate to one another can be tough but we must be rational and considerate . I can’t expect my husband to get home from work and stay up to help with the kids because he must rest to go back to work that night . So Hubby finds ways he can help . When my husband get back from work he often feeds faith her breakfast change her diaper and let me sleep till 9ish -10 and ill take over . We have a 5 month old and a 2-year-old . So our lives are pretty much busy . On his day off he will often help out with the kids . And this is the time if I need some time to myself ( spa) he would watch the kids . We need to help each other out . Dont leave everything for one person to do. Help around the house gentleman , ladies if your husband had a rough day stop the nagging and let him be . Ask him if he needs anything . If you are out and about call and ask if there is anything you can get for them . That will show your thinking of them .

Be encouraged young married couples. DONT LET THE ENEMY COME IN-BETWEEN. Yes there will be arguments and disagreements it happens but be encouraged ask God to guide you as he leads your husband. Wives submit . Being submissive is not saying your the little person and your husband will walk all over you. Being submissive is submitting to Lord as you submit to your husband . If yu have a tough time submitting to the Lord you will have a tough time submitting to your husband . Remember stay positive about your marriage rebuke any negative thoughts. Enjoy your husband and be fruitful. Hehehe have them babies .

Until next time Beauties stay blessed.

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