Stop doubting and start Doing

Hey ladies & Gents

2014 has been a rough year but I’m grateful for the things and situations I went through. Those situations actually opened up my eyes. In 2014 I opened up my business and it went great. It didn’t go as I would like it but you better believe it’s game time in 2015.

Stay at home < Back to work

In 2014 I was still trying to balance the life as a mother, Wife, Business owner. I was bored …. To wake up to four walls everyday was killing me on the inside. Staying home is not my cup of tea. Being a stay at home mom and wife has come to an end. In Jan. I will be going back to work. And that my friend, I am super excited about . Kudos for the mommies and wives that stay home and love it. I tried to love it but I don’t ( can I just be real). I love interacting with other people and I love to WORK !!!! You guys are probably asking how will I manage my business? Well I plan to manage all emails and process orders at night. And since my sister is living with me she can help me pack orders and I’ll drop them off at lunch time. It’s all planed out now let’s see how it goes .

In 2015 I plan to blog a lot much more . When I blog I feel this accomplishment . I love being able to be so transparent to my readers. It allows me to be myself . This year I want to encourage you to take what your passionate about and bring it to life !!!! Do what you love . It makes life a lot more easier and fun ❤️. Where there’s a “BUT” there’s a “DOUBT” – Marthe Belizaire

Happy New Year !!!!



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