Beauty Staple

Lately make up has become so easy for me to apply . A clean and smooth face helps ! I’ve came across “African black soap” and my experience has been pleasant . This soap has a mixture of organic ingredients . My face has naturally started to glow and dark spots started to fade . I mean it’s a Miracle soap . My hubby even started using it and he absolutely loves it !

As a mother, wife and business owner I pretty much look tired a lot . And concealer has been a staple for me . I’ve had my shares with cancelers but my top is the L.A pro concealer . It blends so well with my skin I apply it under my eyes middle of my forehead , nose and chin . And I BLEND !!!

I hardy wear make up but when I do I must have concealer . I love it cause it light .

I’ve had many issues with my face because of stress and I find that drinking plenty of water and African black soap helps a lot !! I hope you find this helpful . I know I didn’t write a long paragraph but I hope it helps .




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