My Break is OVER From Social Media


Hey beauties I am back .

Some of you have notice I have taken a week and some days off my personal instagram page  . I also have a business instagram which is bellameals . By the way stop by and take a look . Anyway back to what I was saying . My break was well needed . I really got a chance to focus on whats important  which for me is my relationship with Christ , family and bellameals . I really felt convicted I spent too much time on the social media too much going on . I was really beginning to be distracted .  So I took some time off . In all honesty I didn’t miss it one bit . I felt free , I mean I didn’t feel the need to look at  my instagram or Facebook . BTW I deactivated my personal Facebook and this time im taking a longer break then usual from it . Facebook has turn into an adult page (sin Network lol ) nothing but horrible pics etc. I went on a unfried rampage , but for some reason you can see what your friends like (and sometimes it’s not so pretty) . Lets just say I have less friends than what I started with smh … But that another story in it self .

I had a chance to experience my relationship with God on another level .. How ? Well I wasnt so busy that for one . Although im a mother of two and a wife I still had some time . So I began to have some one on one with God . I had some personal issues that I wanted to hand over to him . I found myself being easily stressed . Like everything and anyone could stress me out and I needed some answers. With that being said I went to service last night and man God spoke to me . I mean he spoke to like how your father would speak to you and you felt so horrible afterward like you knew you could  and should do  better . well yes last night was one of those nights. I was CONVICTED  . Let me ask you this have you ever wondered why your plan is not moving forward or  an idea or a project you came out with ?  ok another question did  you consult God about your project or idea before you rushed out and put it out ? well I have one answer it simply not in Gods plan or it’s not the right time . So patience is the key and continue to pray and seek God for answers .

Although I say im back but I wont be on my personal  page as much I will be blogging more and cooking visit bellameals that’s where you’ll catch me lol . Also my cooking channel . Gotta Stay focused .

Alrighty Beauties till next time “Smooches’ God Bless

Happy Early Mothers Day !!!


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