Easy Chicken Recipie


” Ugh what am I going to cook ” ??? Are you looking for something easy & simple and might I add healthy to cook . Who doesn’t like chicken ?! Well besides our vegan and non meat eating friends . Both of my kiddies were sick and I needed to stick to my diet . I had the usual chicken skinless chicken breast in my freezer so this momma came up with something quick and simple . Who doesn’t like a simple and easy recipe. With two kids I’m always on the go . And cooking can be a hassle so QUICK RECIPES are the BEST for me . Single ladies enjoy your singleness !!!!!!

Sweet Chipotle Chicken

1 chicken skinless chicken Breast
2 tablespoon of chipotle seasoning
1 tablespoon of chili powder
1 teaspoon of garlic powder
1 tablespoon of 6 pepper seasoning 1 tablespoon of honey
Cup of Spinach
Red onions if you desire

Season your chicken breast .
Cook for 5-10 min each side the bigger the chicken breast the longer it takes . Poke chicken breast to test if cook if soft still needs some time . If firm it’s cooked . Drizzle honey . Serve over spinach . Enjoy !!


6 thoughts on “Easy Chicken Recipie

  1. Clautid says:

    So I just made this tonight because I was to lazy to do anything else and had all the ingredients on deck. Omg!!! I love it! The chili powder gave it the perfect aroma and the honey just added a bit of sweetness that brought all flavor a together. Girl I can’t wait to try your herb crusted chicken this weekend lol

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