Beauty Favorites

beauty fave

Every women have their favorite beauty products. I’ll share with you mines . It’s nothing expensive fancy , its affordable products that you can find at your local drug and beauty store. I use these products daily . I simply won’t and can’t go with out . From lips , facial product I will list them.

Well for the most part I love facial cleansing products but I have one In particular that I MUST have . It’s the Clean &  Clear foam facial cleanser. I must say I fell in love with the smell , but it really get all the oils and make up off . It leaves my face feeling refreshed .

Now there is a product called baby lips when I say Im obsessed WELL I AM obsessed with this product. My lips feel so soft . This by far is the perfect lip moisturizer Created well to me at lease hehe. That reminds me I must stock up im down to my last. there are so many lip blams but what makes this my favorite is because it does not leave my lips sticky and does not get dried up like some of the products I tried in the past.

Well well well what do we have here ? This is the most sexiest product I ever purchased haha well the gold and all makes it so attractive .  I LOVE mascara (Screams) . I own a ton of mascara but this particular one is my absolute fav. The volume that it gives my lashes are amazing and can I remind you NO clumps .

voluminous million lashes mascara

Lest talk facial moisturizer  . Most moisturizer Ive tired are so oily . It leaves my face looking like a ball of grease haha. but seriously tis Ambi Even & Clear works great . This Product leaves my face smooth and moistrized .

I saved the best for last . Milk of magnesia your probably saying really um tmi . Seriously I use  this product every time I wear make up this is my primer . I have oily skin . I tried absolutely  everything . NOTHING worked except for this product. No it does not clog your pours its very light weight . My make up stay on for the whole day. like it was freshly applied.

I would like to hear if any of you ladies used these product so please let me know. Till next time beauties.



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